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Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Co. (PEECO), established in 1982, has been firmly rooted in the field of Power Generation and Control for the past 31 years.

PEECO's core business is engineering and manufacturing Power Generation Control Systems under the Freedom iGear banner and Custom Power Generation Machinery covering diesel and gas fueled generators through 50MWe. From conventional single systems to multi unit PLC based control and monitoring PEECO sets the standards for design integrity and reliability in power generation.

For 31 years PEECO has been on the frontline solving the complex control problems and improving existing power generation systems with the latest technology controls. Our customer base covers the globe and every facet of industry or military service. The worlds leading pharmaceutical company’s run on PEECO iGear. From rutile dredging in Serria Leone to several US Navy Command & Control Ships and the US Air Force with large megawatt rapid deployment systems PEECO is constantly meeting the demands and challenges around the world.

   FREEDOM iGear: What the Competition Doesn't Want You to Know

Selecting the best paralleling gear for your business or customer’s business is a critical decision. It is important to understand the variations of paralleling switchgear in the U.S. marketplace. Over the years, paralleling switchgear has remained relatively the same. A few traditional manufacturers use discrete subsystems and subassembly components. This includes Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company’s Freedom iGear.

There is a second group of paralleling switchgear assemblers that have taken a different approach. They opted to integrate controls and devices into proprietary “black box” assemblies. These companies include control switchgear supplied by some “Engine” manufacturers and some “Breaker” manufacturers. These companies generally design and apply product with proprietary devices and PLC software programs that are not accessible to the customer, independent preventative maintenance personnel or service organizations and therefore the customer is held hostage by the suppliers restrictive design.

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