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PEECO's Arc-Resistant Switchgear, available in both medium and low voltages, follows all ANSI, UL, and IEEE standard requirements to keep operators and maintenance workers safe and minimize equipment damage.


IEEE C37.20.7 Arc-Resistant Switchgear Offered Includes:

  • Type 1 - Provides protection from the switchgear front.

  • Type 2 - Safeguards the front, read, and sides.

  • Type 2B - Provides Type 2 protection + control compartment protection

  • Type 2C - Delivers Type 2B protection + protection between compartments

Arc-Resistant Features Available:

  • Reinforced doors and metal-cased exteriors

  • Arc Plenums

  • Additional insulation of all internal parts

*For a more cost-efficient option for reducing fault energy levels and PPE category, PEECO can provide an arc flash detection system that utilizes UV light detection for arc-mitigation purposes.

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