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Past Projects

Cogeneration and CHP

Capture heat from your diesel generators for heating and cooling and increase the overall efficiency of facility energy usage.

Arc Resistant Switchgear

We can customize our switchgear to minimize system damage from arc flashes or mitigate arc flashes with UV detection technology.

Utility Paralleling Controls

Keep energy costs down with demand response program integration such as peak shaving or load curtailment.

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SCADA Systems

SCADA systems allow for remote power monitoring and control from any location or custom-built PEECO monitoring room.

Microgrid Control Systems

Microgrid controls systems allow for islanding and the independent operation and integration of all of a facility's different power sources.

MV Automatic Transfer Switches

Medium voltage automatic transfer switches allow  for power control automation and are a critical component of emergency controls.

Mission Critical Load Prioritization

Through the use of ATS load priority assignments and load optimization/add/shed control functions, the most critical areas of a healthcare facility are guaranteed to stay fully powered and secure.

Ability to Meet Any Spec

Specs often call for specialized power control systems and unique features to fit specific infrastructure projects. Manufacturers like PEECO excel in customization and meeting individual customer needs.

Loss of power 

From hotels to resorts to stadiums, reliable power control systems mean the difference between a five-star review and failed service. Providing uninterrupted experiences requires highly reliable power controls that prevent and minimize the impact of power outages.

Hospitality Solutions


Casinos, exclusive clubs, concert halls, theme parks, malls, and more all rely on power control systems to keep things running smoothly and keep customers happy.

Food and Drink

Whether food is being canned in a factory or being grown in power-necessary greenhouse, reliable switchgear systems make sure to keep food production going.


Hotels, motels, and resorts cannot afford to lose power. Lost power means lost star ratings, unhappy customers, and refunds galore.

Universal Studios

Seneca Falls Casino

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