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Past Projects

Cogeneration and CHP

Capture heat from your diesel generators for heating and cooling and increase the overall efficiency of facility energy usage.

Arc Safety Switchgear

We can customize our switchgear to minimize system damage from arc flashes or mitigate arc flashes with UV detection technology.

Catenary Control Systems

Our specialized 25 Hz railway power control systems ensure railway traction breakers and other railroad systems stay opeartional.

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SCADA Systems

SCADA systems allow for remote power monitoring and control from any location or custom-built PEECO monitoring room.

Microgrid Control Systems

Microgrid controls systems allow for islanding and the independent operation and integration of all of a facility's different power sources.

25Hz Railway Traction Breakers

Our 25 Hz Railway Traction Breakers were originally custom-built for SEPTA and Amtrak and keep NE Railways running smoothly.

Islanding Capabilities

With in-house generators and reliable prime power and microgrid control systems, facilities can stay powered without the assistance of local utility, preventing downtime due to blackouts

Critical Load Prioritization

Through the use of ATS load priority assignments and load optimization/add/shed control functions, the most critical areas of a healthcare facility are guaranteed to stay fully powered and secure.


We have been on the forefront of the design of specialized railway traction breakers used by northeast railways. We consistently deliver 25Hz products to rail customers every year.


With high reliance on air travel, airports can't afford to face downtime.  Air transportation companies depend highly on reliable utility and power control systems to run smoothly.


Whether a naval base needs upgraded switchgear or ships need new generators, PEECO can provide the power control systems for all maritime projects.

Transportation Solutions

Whether by land, sea, air, or railway, power is critical. In an industry where people rely on businesses to get them from point A to point B, transportation services cannot afford to suffer from blackouts and outages. Reliable power control systems and backup generation are key to keep the world moving.

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