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Healthcare Solutions

In the healthcare industry, an outage can result in a lot more than just loss of power. Reliable power control systems are essential for 24/7 patient safety and hospital operation.


Emergency Power Controls

PEECO emergency power control systems utilize backup generation and automated processes to ensure the safety of everyone.

Demand Response Integration

Keep energy costs down with demand response program integration such as peak shaving or load curtailment.

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Cogeneration and CHP

Capture heat from your power generators for heating and cooling purposes and save increase overall system efficiency.

Microgrid Control Systems

Microgrid controls systems allow for islanding and the independent operation and integration of all of a facility's different power sources.

MV Automatic Transfer Switches

Medium voltage automatic transfer switches allow  for power control automation and are a critical component of emergency controls.

SCADA Systems

SCADA systems allow for remote power monitoring and control from any location or custom-built PEECO monitoring room.

Case Studies

Lancaster General Hospital

An award-winning major infrastructure project where PEECO provided emergency paralleling controls, 15kV distribution switchgear, a control room, CHP controls, and more for a new Energy Center.

Adventist Shady Grove

Medical Center

Emergency paralleling control systems were manufactured and integrated with existing onsite 480V switchboards and onsite ATS's. Retrofitted controls were also provided.

Critical Load Prioritization

Through the use of ATS load priority assignments and load optimization/add/she control functions, the most critical areas of a healthcare facility are guaranteed to stay fully powered and secure.

NFPA 99 & 110 Compliance

PEECO Emergency Power Control Systems are compliant with all NFPA 99 and NFPA 110 standards and regulations to ensure that premium quality, reliable switchgear is delivered every time.

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