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Whether it's a building for the Department of Defense, a militant base, or a local municipality-funded waste water treatment plant, organizations that keep the country running and our people safe and supported cannot lose power. Period.

Government Solutions


Past Projects

Arc Safety Switchgear

We can customize our switchgear to minimize system damage from arc flashes or mitigate arc flashes with UV detection technology.

Cogeneration and CHP

Capture heat from your diesel generators for heating and cooling and increase the overall efficiency of facility energy usage.

Outdoor Switchgear

Whether you need skinned, shelter-aisle, or a prefabricated house, PEECO can build switchgear that can weather the storm.

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Microgrid Control Systems

Microgrid controls systems allow for islanding and the independent operation and integration of all of a facility's different power sources.

SCADA Systems

SCADA systems allow for remote power monitoring and control from any location or custom-built PEECO monitoring room.

Prime Power Control Systems

Prime power control systems allow for reliable islanding, while making sure generator usage is as cost efficient as possible.

Islanding Capabilities

With in-house generators and reliable prime power and microgrid control systems, facilities can stay powered without the assistance of local utility, preventing downtime due to blackouts

Professional Engineers

We employ professional and certified engineers to design top quality power control systems that are perfectly built to your spec and needs.

Federal Government

PEECO has supported many projects for the federal government including the Department of Defense and Missile Defense Agency as well as provided switchgear to multiple classified projects.


PEECO has delivered power control solutions to US Military bases around the world including the US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, and US Army.


PEECO has provided switchgear solutions for multiple areas of municipality such as city halls, landfills, waste water treatment plants, and police HQ facilities.

Fort Greely, Alaska

DoD Base, Poland

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