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SCADA, also known as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is a system that can be installed into any Power Control System to allow operators and equipment users to monitor and control the overall or specific operations of a facility’s power usage, power equipment status, review PLC setpoints and alarm history, and be made aware of power alarms and system issues. Each SCADA system shows accurate one-line displays and also includes power event and alarm logging, how-to and help screens, and changing colors to show moment-to-moment statuses of power switching devices and which power sources are carrying the facility load.

Each SCADA system can be provided with a customized set of screens based on the unique physical arrangement of power equipment as well as the specific power control needs of each end user.  We strive to keep the visuals and screens vibrant, clear, informative, and accurately representative of all power control data, power switch device statuses, and statuses on which power sources are connected to the load.

Benefits of SCADA:

  • Allows for remote monitoring and control of entire power control system of a facility or multiple facilities

  • Especially beneficial for companies with multiple locations or distributed power controls systems

  • Allows for real-time fault and system issue detection which allows for fast reaction, decreased facility down time, and prevention of additional revenue loss from loss of productivity

  • Offers very accurate and moment-to-moment usage data and power control equipment statuses

  • Historical and recent data storage can allow for reports and analytics to increase efficiency, save on utility cost, and prevent future faults, system errors, and output defects.

emergency controls.JPG

Additional features available include:

  • Custom-built control rooms available

  • Customizable to match the look and feel of existing systems

  • Customizable company logo

  • Abilities to initiate control functions installed within the system

  • Instrumental displays that show any electrical power values

  • Other PCMS and PQMS systems and features for additional functionality

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