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PEECO supplied a Freedom iGear™ Emergency Paralleling Switchgear Master Control Panel, which housed necessary equipment to integrate two Caterpillar 3516 2000 kW diesel fueled generator set with EMCP 4.2 control panels with the PEECO provided 15kV, 2000A switchgear. The control system was based on a redundant Rockwell Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform.

PEECO’s Freedom iGear™ Normal Distribution Bus Paralleling Switchgear Master Control Panel housed the equipment necessary to synchronize and parallel the Centaur 40 combustion turbine with the normal distribution bus and to synchronize and parallel the emergency paralleling switchgear with the normal distribution bus 15kV, 1200A switchgear. 


Synchronization for closed transition return was possible because loads could be sustained by available generation. The control system is based on a redundant Rockwell Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform.

Each master panel redundant PLC pair operated independently and will operate with a full loss of the other system, but the four PLC’s will communicate over a supervisory network for seamless integration of the hospital paralleling switchgear system. A remote monitoring system was also provided to allow access to data and alarms for the emergency power and NDS systems.

PEECO supplied an Allen-Bradly ControlLogix based Balance of Plant system for the Lancaster General Hospital supervisory control and data acquisition.


This system integrated the Emergency Power System, the Normal Power Distribution system, the Combustion Turbine, the Heat Recovery system, the Gas Compressor, and the Boiler Control system into one cohesive control and monitoring system. The system is monitored and controlled via the PEECO provided control room command center.


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