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The Switchgear Industry and the Influential Internet

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Written by Nikole Coller | March 12, 2019 | PEECO

SCADA PEECO - Internet of Things - Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company
Power Systems Controller with the Power of the Internet

The 30 year anniversary of the Internet is here, and PEECO is celebrating. Decades ago, the world changed forever when the concept of the world wide web was first introduced by a brilliant man by the name of Tim Berners-Lee. This innovative idea connected the world in a new and much more efficient way. Knowledge, ideas, and news were able to burst out into the open like a powerful arcfire, heating up the world in the brilliant flames of a new chapter known as the Digital and Information Age. This has changed the name of the game for every industry, and the switchgear and power controls industry is no exception.

Switchgear Demand Grows in the Digital Age

As the world’s technologies advance and humanity continues to climb upward, there has been a consistent increase in the need for reliable power generation and systems. With the growth in power demands came more demand for switchgear and controls to keep power running consistently and safely and keep electricity flowing in a cost-efficient manner. The switchgear industry is needed more everyday in helping energize the world and protecting facilities against electrical failures and unnecessarily high energy bills.

Companies like PEECO have brought the energy age special, customized offerings to meet the unique needs of specific clients and their facilities. The Internet has allowed the switchgear industry to spread globally, allowing companies in different countries to take their search internationally to find the perfect manufacturer for their power control needs.

PEECO, located in PA, has personally worked with American clients from as far away as you can get including California, Alaska, and Florida. The Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company has also worked with people around the world including Poland, Japan, Africa, Canada, Puerto Rico, Italy, Mexico, and many more. This would not be possible without the instant speed in which we can now connect with others and find each other.

The Internet of Things (IOT) and Today’s Technology

A big concept that has changed our technological world is the concept of the Internet of Things (IOT) which began in 1999. This is where “smart” technology can be added to any other type of device or product, resulting in the ability to have Internet connectivity and thus broadening operation and controls for them.

For instance, smart technology is now combined with home and business security systems to allow property owners to get instant notification of break ins, access to security cameras from any location, and have the ability to tell the system to connect and call the police.

Smart technology in airplanes allow ground control to better monitor aircraft status and location as well as prevent in-air collisions. This type of technology is being applied to more and more powered products everyday, and this includes switchgear, circuit breakers, and power generators.

Internet Brings Better Monitoring of Power Systems and Controls

Not all generators and other power equipment are located in easy-to-access places. There are many instances where a substation needs to be placed in a much more remote area.

For example, there are many landfills that now have gas generated from decomposition being converted to electrical energy in nearby, onsite power plants. To save money and make sure things keep running, these power systems can be monitored away from the landfill. These are known as remote notification systems.

This is all thanks to the long-distance connection capabilities to SCADA and other power controls that are now available due to the concept of the Internet of Things and the smart technology discussed previously. This has allowed for widespread power distribution and regulation, which has been crucial for everyone’s power needs, especially in difficult-to-reach areas.

Hospitals and Their Reliance on Consistent Power

One of the biggest industries that have benefited from the Internet in regards to power controls are hospitals and other medical facilities. There are not many places that are affected as severely by a power outage quite like a hospital. If they lose power, people die.

Surgeons, technology, internet of things - reliance on power - PEECO Energy - Philadlephia Electrical Equipment Company
Surgeons rely on a multiple types of technology during crucial open heart surgeries and other operations.

Surgeons in the middle of a crucial heart valve replacement using tools and monitors to keep a patient’s blood pumping. Coma patients and the critically injured or sick relying on life support. Heart rate monitors and other medical equipment feeding crucial information about a patient’s minute-to-minute status. Any of these situations would spell out disaster if the hospital lost power, even if for a minute.

PEECO Keeps Hospitals Safe with Remote Notification Systems

The Lancaster General Hospital in Pennsylvania is the perfect example of a client PEECO has been able to help with the added assistance of the connectivity of the World Wide Web. Switchgear substations allow for near-immediate switching to emergency backup sources in the event of an outage, keeping their patients safe.

Not only does it have automated systems, but operators can be notified in real time of power outage issues or possible system malfunctions and access those remotely. This is true regardless of their location or the time of day. These systems allow the operators to access the SCADA to assess and properly address any power system situations. This allows for power emergency prevention and quick action.

The Lancaster General Hospital also uses cogeneration systems to save money on power, increasing their profit margins and the overall success of the facility. These remote notification systems can also be used to make sure the cogeneration systems are running smoothly. Catching problems ahead of time or solving them quickly when they occur allows hospitals to keep their energy bills down and their facility operational in the most efficient manner possible.

Get a Quote for Your Unique Power Control and Switchgear Needs Today!

The Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company (PEECO Energy) has been helping keep the power running in a multitude of industries across the globe for the past 37 years. We’ve watched the Internet come alive and change almost every aspect of the lives of the people we serve. We specialize in the Customized Switchgear Systems and Automated Controls that your company needs. We can get the job done exactly how you need it, with efficiency, quality work, and a level of passion and

professionalism you won’t find anywhere else.

Email us or call us today at (484) 840-0860 to get a quote for your power distribution and control needs.

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