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PEECO's 25Hz Traction Rail Breakers are a unique design developed for the rail industry by Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company for traction rail breaker applications. From the NEMA 3R enclosure down to the stainless steel bolts, every component and detail  of the 25Hz Traction Rail Breaker has been designed to exceed the standards and specifications of the rail industry.

PEECO's Traction Rail Breaker features well known vacuum breaker technology in conjunction with high ampacity insulated bus and industry proven high voltage bushings. PEECO's Traction Rail Breakers are tested and approved by KEMA™ per IEEE STD C37.09. PEECO's Traction Rail Breakers are certified for:


  • 12kV, single phase, 25 Hz

  • Continuous current of 1500A at 25 Hz

  • Interrupting capacity of 50kA

  • Both single & two pole rated for 125kV B.I.L.


PEECO's Traction Rail Breakers are available in the following configurations:


  • Single Pole Breaker - SPL1000, SPR1000

    • Single Pole Load Left

    • Single Pole Load Right

  • Double Pole Breaker - BPL1000. DPR1000

    • Double Pole Load Left

    • Double Pole Load Right

Breaker Element Parameters

  • 1 Pole: Max Voltage L-G: 2kV (1 Ph)

  • 2 Pole: Max Voltage L-L/L-G: 12/24 kV (1 Ph)

  • Type: Vacuum

  • Breaker Element B.I.L.: 125kV

  • Frequency: 25Hz

  • Short Time Current Duration: 3 sec

  • Short Circuit Breaking Current: 50kA


25 HZ Traction Rail Breaker Application


PEECO teamed up with SEPTA for an extensive breaker & control upgrade for multiple locations around the Philadelphia area. Because of our unique design which allowed for the most efficient application use, SEPTA chose to implement PEECO's cutting edge Traction Rail Breaker technology for the job.

Bushing Parameters

  • Voltage Class: 27kV

  • Type: Porcelain

  • B.I.L. Rating: 150kV

  • Current Rating: 2000A 

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