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Adventist Shady Grove Medical Center

Located in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Adventist Shady Grove Medical Center contracted PEECO for the sites critical power upgrade. Included in the package was 13.2kV Emergency Paralleling Switchgear feed by three 2.5MW standby diesel generators. Controls for this were provided using redundant Allen-Bradley PLC automation located in the emergency master control panel including an HMI touchscreen.


In addition to PEECO’s paralleling switchgear, 13.2kV Normal Distribution Switchgear was provided to feed hospital load in non-critical operations. When operating in an emergency scenario, the emergency paralleling switchgear would feed a 480V low-voltage switchboard located in the hospital to provide power to existing site ATS’s. Retrofit controls were also provided to service the sites existing medium voltage switchgear. All of which was controlled via PLC automation and site SCADA with OIT equipment located in control rooms around the site.

Emergency Paralleling Controls PNG.png
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