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Control System Features


Cogeneration Power Control Systems, also known as Combined Heat & Power Systems (CHP), are integrated into facilities with local generation assets looking to save on thermal energy costs or facilities looking to optimize cost savings between electricity, cooling, and heating needs.

When the facility is partially or fully running on generator power, heat is extracted as thermal energy for cooling or warming the facility or for industrial purposes. For businesses who use both utility and backup generation, controls and parameters are set to only run at the optimum level of generation for thermal energy extraction.


  • HRSG Controls

  • SCADA-capable

  • Generator/utility paralleling
  • Active generator synchronization

  • Momentary paralleling (100mS or less) or soft loading available

  • HMI operation interface screens available between 12-50 in. with touchscreen options

  • Heat retrieval vs electrical utility demand cost optimization

  • Redundant PLC controls and manual controls available

  • Integration available with peak shaving and load curtailment programs

  • Integration available with all other PEECO Power Control Systems

Cogeneration and Peak Shaving Gear - PNG

System Operation

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