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Generator/Utility Paralleling Control Systems allow for paralleling of multiple facility generators as well as paralleling to utility for effective load transfer and more cost efficient powering of a facility.

When needed, soft load controls can be applied instead of momentary connections (100mS or less) to allow for slower transfer of load between sources to prevent momentary voltage drops or electrical disruptions. Soft loading prevents potential transients as well as possible wear and tear to generators and power equipment.

Such control systems can occur via an open or closed-transition transfer, however, closed-transition is recommended for minimizing the impact to site loads. These controls can also be applied to Peak Shaving, Load Curtailment, and Green Programs.


It is important to note that utility-approved interconnecting protective relay systems are necessary installments in order to allow paralleling to utility.


Control System Features

  • Momentary (100mS or less) connection or soft load paralleling available

  • Automatic and Manual paralleling and load retransfer options provided

  • Automatic Synchronization of power sources

  • HMI operation interface screens available between 12-50 inches

  • Touchscreen HMI options available

  • PLC's with redundancy capabilities

  • Configurable with both open and closed-transition

  • Integration of Load Curtailment and Peak Shaving Programs

  • Can coincide with Cogeneration/CHP or Prime Power control efforts

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