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Automatic Transfer Switches increase the reliability of power systems by automating safe load switching between utility and backup generators.

MV ATS’s help minimize the damage of errors by operators through automation as well as protect facility personnel by minimizing the need for manual operation that expose employees to dangerous voltages.

Power control systems are synchronized with ATS’s to automatically transfer/retransfer power loads safely and efficiently depending on the current power needs of a facility and its presets. In case of emergency, ATS’s are combined with load shed/add and load optimization controls to keep vital parts of a building on at all times while powering as much of the facility as possible.


  • Voltages: 5-15kV

  • Continuous Current Ratings: 1200A - 2000A

  • Metal-Clad or Metal-Enclosed

  • Drawout modules

  • Available as open or closed transition

  • Soft transition or fast transfer (100ms or less) available

  • Can be integrated with a variety of PLC-based power control systems such as Emergency Power, Cogeneration, Utility/Generator Paralleling, and more.

  • Adjustable Center-Off Time Delay relays

  • Manual controls available in case of control system failure

  • Designed for easy maintenance, efficient testing, troubleshooting, safety of personnel, and easy access for necessary part add-ons or replacement

  • Mimic-bus available

  • UL 1008A Listed and Factory Tested

  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI, NEMA, IEEE, UL, and IEC standards.

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