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For businesses where power loss is not an option like hospitals, military sites, and mission critical facilities, emergency power control systems are a necessity. These systems use a combination of automatic transfer switches with load priority assignments, generators, and load optimization and load shed/add controls. These systems prioritize the most important parts of a facility and ensure that in times of utility power failure or generator failure, profit loss is minimized and/or building occupants are safe.

System Features

  • Load priority assigning to Automatic Transfer Switches based on critical function and company protocol

  • Load optimization, load add, and load shed controls included with optional load demand detection

  • Fully manual controls allow for operation in case of major system, PLC, or HMI/SCADA failure

  • HMI LCD screens available 12-50 inches in size

  • Touchscreen versions also available

  • PLC's with redundancy for efficient automated control systems with no interruption risk

  • SCADA and monitoring system capable

  • Can work synonymously with Peak Shaving and Load Curtailment programs

  • Can coincide with CHP Control Systems and Microgrid Control Systems

  • Bumpless closed transition available

  • NFPA 110 and NFPA 99 compliance

  • Islanding capabilities

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