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Prime Power Control Systems are used when a facility powers their own facility without the use of utility. They are most commonly used by facilities too far from local grids or those looking to avoid down time risks.

These systems are able to automatically turn generators on and off depending on load demand to save on fuel costs. Load add/shed and optimization controls can also be added for extra security in case of any possible generator failure to support any high priority loads.


System Features

  • Load priority assigning to Automatic Transfer Switches based on critical function and company protocol

  • Load optimization, load add, and load shed controls included with optional load demand detection

  • Fully manual controls allow for operation in case of major system, PLC, or HMI/SCADA failure

  • HMI LCD screens available 12-50 inches in size with touchscreen options

  • PLC's with redundancy for efficient automated control systems with no interruption risk

  • SCADA and monitoring system capable

  • Can work synonymously with Peak Shaving and Load Curtailment programs

  • Can coincide with CHP Control Systems and Microgrid Control Systems

  • Bumpless closed transition available

  • NFPA 110 and NFPA 99 compliance

  • Islanding capabilities

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