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With the demand for decentralized power grid capabilities and the integration of green distributed-energy resources, microgrids are increasingly becoming the #1 power control solution for many companies both small and large.


PEECO provides innovative microgrid control systems that are able to integrate any distributed-energy source along with a facility’s other power control systems to create a single controllable entity that is both automated and highly efficient.  

These systems pull in data from all sources and are able to react in real time in order to distribute all resources in the most optimal way possible.  Whether a company is focusing on energy cost savings, power control system resilience, environmentally green efforts, or reducing down time in emergencies, PEECO microgrid power control systems make it possible.

Control System Features

  • SCADA-capable

  • PLC’s with redundancy capabilities

  • Automatic and manual control options

  • Manual and automatic load transfer/retransfer

  • Configurable with both open transition and closed transition

  • Automated synchronization of all distributed-energy resources

  • HMI operation interface screens available between 12-50 in. with touchscreen available

  • Connection to main grid, partial connection, or full islanding capabilities

  • Momentary (100mS or less) connection or soft load paralleling available

  • Advanced design for the addition of future distributed-energy resources to the system

  • Integration of any distributed-energy resource including solar, wind, water, generator, battery storage, and more.

  • Can coincide with demand response programs such as load curtailment and peak shaving.

  • Can be integrated with any other PEECO power controls such as CHP, prime power, emergency, generator/utility paralleling, and more.

  • Optimization controls for balancing different resources while focusing on cost efficiency, low carbon emissions, system resiliency, emergency prevention, and downtime reduction.

  • Ability to service excess produced energy back to the main utility grid for energy cost savings.

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